Haulage Network Driving Academy X TTSAO

HNDA is a registered Career College certified by the Ministry of Transportation to provide commercial driver training.

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is an additional regulatory body that certifies commercial driving schools as holding a certain level of training standard above what has become common practice in the transportation training industry.

HNDA became a TTSAO member training school in 2020. This means that everyone of our students aspiring to become Professional Drivers, can be confident they will receive the best training available.

Additionally, training at a TTSAO accredited school assists in your job search after you have successfully obtained a commercial driver’s license. TTSAO partner training schools are recognized by several insurance providers in Ontario as being reputable training institutions. This means that insurance providers are confident that these graduates have received the appropriate training and are more willing to insure them as commercial vehicle operators. This permits TTSAO partner carriers to hire newly licensed drivers with ease.

Ultimately, it is far easier to find a job as a commercial vehicle operator that has trained at a TTSAO accredited training provider. 

HNDA actively works with several insurance groups and carriers to help get our students employed. Please find some of our partners below...