We Make Professional Drivers. 

Our foundation...

Haulage Network Driving Academy (HNDA) is a family owned and operated commercial driver training school. The founder, Palwinder Gill, arrived in Canada in 1996 and, like many other immigrants, soon found himself pursuing a career in Ontario’s robust trucking industry.

In 2002, Palwinder opened his own trucking company, P Gill Transport. However, his efforts to recruit drivers revealed a glaring safety gap: many newcomers lacked adequate training, with deficiencies ranging from logbook management to pre-trip inspections. This was a very profound experience for Palwinder. He saw himself in many of the newly licensed driver’s that came to P Gill Transport for a job, and he had developed a sense of responsibility towards Ontario’s transportation industry. He reflected on how trucking had provided for him and his family, allowing him to create a life for them all in Ontario.

Drawing from his own experiences and driven by this profound sense of duty, he envisioned a training institution committed to excellence and integrity. Thus, in February 2020, with support from his wife and sons, HNDA emerged.
Since its inception, HNDA has become one of the most reputable commercial driver training institutes in Ontario. We have now trained and helped license… 

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Professional Drivers

across our three (3) campuses
in Ontario.

Each of the students that train with us become a part of the HNDA family. We take immense pride in the training that we provide and ensure our students understand the importance of the role Professional Drivers play in maintaining the safety of Ontario’s roadways. 
Beyond graduation, our commitment endures. We stand by our graduates, offering ongoing support and guidance as they navigate their careers in the transportation industry. At HNDA, we don’t just train students to become operators; we cultivate leaders dedicated to safeguarding Ontario’s highways for generations to come.  

Work Ethic and Purpose

At HNDA, we take immense pride in our commitment to training aspiring commercial drivers, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience. Our experienced trainers, who possess in-depth industry knowledge, are not just instructors, but mentors dedicated to nurturing every student.

Our team is focused on getting you ready to succeed in the transportation industry; we are not just educators but invested partners in your journey towards becoming a skilled and confident Professional Driver.

Our Mission

large truck in a crowded street with the canadian flag on its front

Revive the prestige and respect associated with the title of Professional Driver.

We intend to achieve this goal by providing a new and higher standard of integrity-driven training to individuals aspiring to excel in Ontario’s transportation industry. We aim to shape not just operators, but leaders devoted to upholding the safety standards of Ontario’s roadways for generations to come. HNDA is not just a school; it’s a commitment to excellence, safety, and revitalizing the essence of a Professional Driver.

Enrol with HNDA today and drive toward a future of opportunity and purpose.